christmas in a little town called elk grove.

making ornaments with old family photos.




mom brought home live lobsters. my best friend is fearless.


my dinner plate.


waiting for midnight to open presents.
getting lots of slobbering kisses from henri while joey takes a nap.


daddy handing out presents.


vinh loves me.


i got him finger toe socks.


how cute is momma with her new bathrobe? =)


aimee got vinh a rape whistle
(because you know, boys his size need some sort of protection against creepy dudes).
curious henri popped his head right up.


a few dozen more pictures, but i’m sleepy.
happy holidays everyone! <3

happy holidays!

before disbanding,
the devoe street girls had a christmas spectacular
by ice skating near the rockaways
and getting our picture taken with santa.

i think santa was high.

currently listening to:
pink martini’s non-denominational holiday album is really well produced.
definitely check it out.

songs in yiddish, ukrainian…
i especially love the european, spanish textures in this chinese classic.


friday night




i am the best photographer.


i don’t know who this kid is, but he was fun.


kim in bliss with her taco at the woods.


not just any good time…


friday night was also the first night the four of us have ever gone out together.


currently listening to:
not a huge fan of indie rock,
but i really like arcade fire.

so you’re standing on the opposite shore.

summer romance

borrowed kim’s panasonic lumix.
i kinda miss the whole point and shoot aesthetic.

saturday, coney island for the siren music festival.


and some disgustingly wonderful food


and some rides.



day turned into night and somehow we ended up having a typical new york date night
at a cute restaurant and at the ice cream factory on dumbo’s waterfront.

(camera batteries died just when i took this picture.)

sunday brunch with friends, saw inception (which was awesome),
and then hit up another show at the williamsburg waterfront.


pretty crazy about him.


currently listening to:
if the dj hadn’t dropped rock steady at the woods,
i wonder if we would’ve met.

“you gave me the best smile. it felt like christmas.”
“dude, that’s totally a line from charlyne yi’s ‘paper heart.'”

steady rockin’ all night long.

rockaway, new york

jonathan took me to the beach today to clear my head.




currently listening to:
i had forgotten about this song until today.



by michel gondry.


currently listening to:
i’ve been on a burt bacharach kick recently.
this song absolutely describes my life right now.

raindrops keep falling on my head

“the blues they send to meet me won’t defeat me.”

what an adventure this has been.

acting, shooting, directing…
whichever role i take on, i’m happiest when i’m making films.

adelina as ruby, my mentor.


donal in my character’s art studio.


i emailed masami some pictures of my bedroom last month
and she included some old cameras in the set design,
just like the ones i have in my bedroom. very cool. :)


tara blew up frame grabs of me & donal from the video shoot
and created eight amazing art pieces.


it’s still crazy surreal seeing your face plastered all over the walls.


rain said, “doesn’t look like you one bit.
looks like it came straight out of suzie wong.”


sunday’s art gallery shoot was the most cluttered, scattered, hectic,
but for most of the shoot, i felt like i was alone with donal tristan
in the middle of a room, swirling with bits, odds and ends.

kinda sad that it’s all over now.

five days in lake tahoe












and then somewhere in between, sleep.

the posse.


[cynthia, michelle, christopher, aric, veanne, jose, brian, christina]

currently listening to:
cypress hill is always good for cruising down the mountain.

on a chicken hunt, huntin’ for a chicken

lake tahoe, ca

stole peanuthead from his girlfriend yesterday to watch the leaves change color,


but we ended up at the lake with two bottles of wine, bread, cheese,
making stupid faces all afternoon,
reflecting on lousy career choices, mediocrity and glorious flatulence.

i may be ugly,


but you’re ugly as shit.


straight chuggin’ from wine bottles. some things never change.


homies 4 life.

home at the parents

i wager you’re just as dorky as me (if not more)
when you’re working on the computer.

and yes, that is the white man’s overbite.

coffee with jonathan



pretty intense chemistry,
except that he loves bach
and i hate bach.

and now a year or so later, we’re just friends.

asians. lots and lots of 'em.

for his birthday, tony wanted pictures of us,
so he can look back on them and go “aww” when we’re all old and poopy.

mike shot the group pics.


and i shot the individual ones.


girls are silly

sometimes we like to put on stupid dresses


and dance around the house to

em jay


[poor fanny looks so confused.]

house party in the lower east side

i got your message.


[by julian]

vinny, our gracious host.


shawn came to visit. it felt like having a piece of home with me.


[also by julian]

the pretty ones cannot be trusted.





i have adorable roommates


who also happen to be like, a foot taller than me,
so i always look like a potato standing next to them.


14 days in iphone pics

with help from the camerabag app (out of order):

kimmie is the cutest.




adam loves al green as much as i do.


korean bbq.


rain rehearsing on fire escape.


kimmie tries to ease my devastation.


henri’s leaf-stache.


4th of july fireworks over hudson river.


on our way to legion, by josh.


it seemed like a good idea at the time.


why brooklyn feels like home.




i hate hipsters and their retarded performance art, destroying pianos on bedford.
breaks my heart.


three had my attention, two have my affection. josh is one of them.


suzanne gave me my new year’s resolution this past january:
“no self-sabotaging.”

but i have a lousy track record with boyfriend/girlfriend relationships
so it only makes sense that i avoid them.
at least for now.

but then josh sends me
a video of him playing the guitar, singing, “i’m going crazy without you”
and i get all mooshy inside and then i don’t know what to do.
currently listening to:

you got me where you want me, but i ain’t all there