"dennis farina?" "no, mark farina."

“what? karina?”
“yeah, the track goes on and on and on..”

this past weekend,
a bunch of us drove up north to veronica’s cabin in clearlake to celebrate john’s 25th birthday
and to try to hold on to summer.


more pics here.

currently listening to:

live at coachella 2004
, courtesy of my favorite herb.

thank you nico, vlad and joey

last thursday:
mom found me in bed with my head pressed against bailey’s belly
crying like a helpless idiot
and convinced dad to let me bring the piano to the house.

but i wasn’t really crying over the piano..
life has been a total jerk to me this month;
bad stuff keeps happening one after another….
and then i turned around to grab the tv remote
and i banged my knee on the corner of my bed frame really hard
and it hurt really bad.
it was like, “oh come on! what next?!” :(

mom suggested i spend the weekend in san francisco with friends
to de-stress.

veronica has a huge crush on mccauley caulkin so we went to see saved.
it was suppose to be a comedy damnit, not a love story.

joey and i saw an ethnic dance festival.
here i go again, sneaking in my camera.


[reminds me of being in a dream]

cat, chris and i went to the gay pride parade.


on the muni, on the way to getting mint chocolate chip milkshakes.


currently listening to:

corny 80’s music always cheers me up

happy birthday veronica

i am not allowed to discuss certain debaucherous events
that occured at the cabin in clearlake this past weekend.
i had fun though.

this picture perfectly describes our attitudes this weekend.