happy birthday to me.

my friends are scattered around the world,
but i found a way for twenty of us to do something together for my birthday this year.

the request was simple.
1. blast wreckx-n-effect’s “rumpshaker”
2. hit record on the camera
3. dance
4. send me the footage

in california for a week

vi and i are very much the same and very much different.
we’re both nurturing, sweet and love to take care of others,

but i’m more soft spoken and quiet,
whereas vi is feisty and does not have a filter.
she will tell you exactly how she feels
even if it means punching a complete stranger in the face at a dog park because she wouldn’t stop harassing her.

i’m organized only in work and professional environments;
my personal life is a complete mess.

vi is organized in all matters,
down to her shoe collection.


yet despite our differences,
we’ve managed to stay best friends since the first grade.
she’s the type of girl who’ll stand up for me when i can’t stand up for myself,
i can always rely on her to tell me i’m getting fat when everyone else says, “you look just fine!”
and she’s the funniest girl i know.




saint george.


fancily slapped together, overpriced, mediocre tasting food.


southampton beach.


happy birthday to me. another year closer to death.


called momma tonight. we joke around about death like it’s not taboo or tactless.
she said that when she dies,
she wants to be cremated and then have her ashes spread across somewhere pretty,
but not in the mountains because she’s afraid of heights
and not on the beach because she can’t swim.

i told her vi also wants to be cremated.
except vi said, “and then i want you all to put me in a pipe and smoke me.”

currently listening to:
the xx is top on my itunes right now. such a beautiful album.



brave, loyal venus.

vi said, “ur the worst bff.”
venus passed away two weeks ago.
i didn’t find out until today, through facebook.

san jose, ca

peter, miguel, linda and i made a lot of fond memories during the first half of high school,
cloaked in bed sheets running around the playground at mt. diablo pretending to be vampires,
learning how to chain smoke while reenacting scenes from reservoir dogs,
mobbin’ around the southbay in linda’s mazda…

i’m in san jose for the weekend to catch up with old friends
so i tried to get 3/4 of us together (since linda is off in l.a. somewhere being famous),
but we couldn’t get a hold of miguel so it was just gonna be me and pete.

and then the other day, vi says,
“there’s an art exhibit in downtown if you guys wanna hit it up with us.”
so i checked out the flyer and miguel was the first artist listed. kismet!

it’s strange to be back in san jose, with friends i haven’t seen for years, who’ve never left,
who’ve endured such hardships (and i mean, incredible hardships) and overcame them
only to shine.

miggy doing what he does best.


peter is still the quirky, sweet guy he’s always been.


since we were in downtown, nate and i decided to make a quick stop at la victoria’s
to pick up a bottle of their special sauce… something i’ve been craving since i left many years ago.

san jose, california

only two days here before driving to socal for che chanh’s wedding.
did my best to make time to see my best friends vi, rick and jeremy.

jeremy wanted to learn how to use his new nikon dslr
so we mobbed around in his rv taking random pictures.







last night, rick and i headed to campbell pool and pizza,
where i first learned how to shoot with gina when we were 16,
where i’d go every time i needed to de-stress by smacking balls around,
where we spent our youth.

i cannot express to you how sad i was to see the building boarded up and shut down.

currently listening to:
speaking of my youth,
puiki recently track id’ed a song that’s been stuck in my head
for the past ten years.
it was jackie cheung, not andy lau,
and the refrain kills me.

i love my best friend.

“if i had ur talent, i’d be rich.
if u had my $ management and business skills, u’d be rich.
2gether, we can sell ninja stars…”

in elementary school, i used to make friendship bracelets, ninja stars…
and vi would sell them to the kids on the playground.

and here are two awkward pictures of us:

i’m drunk, she’s um..


convinced she could give me a piggyback ride.


“candy makes you invincible!!”

i love vi.

mylai: mmm cheeseburger
sjvivi: put that shit down
sjvivi: i don’t want a fat bridesmaid


“we could either pay someone $5000 to shoot our wedding portraits,
or we could get veanne to do them for free.”

i once said i would NEVER shoot wedding portraits
because i hate that style of photography;
i think they’re super cheesy and contrived.

but vi’s like, my best friend
and she helped me steal a box of tampons when we were really little
because i was too embarrassed to tell anyone i had gotten my period.
so i couldn’t say no.






currently listening to:
i’m also putting together the slide show for their wedding
and i was like, “ooh! ooh! can we have

this song
in the slide show?!”
and she was like, “you are such a fob.”

my engrish goot!

brandon keeps calling me a fob because i keep saying, “shrimps.”
more than one shrimp = shrimps. right?

then i look on urbandictionary.com for the term
because conor doesn’t know what it means
and one of the definitions for fob was:
“When you speak English, you like to make everything plural.”

damnit. oh well, at least i’m not like danny. :)

vi: he always says upstair
vi: it’s like, dood it’s upstairs

chinese superstitions

“my mom wanted me to tell you guys not to clean up the house today
or else you might sweep away this years good fortune.
oh, and leave the backdoor open to welcome in the new year, or the kitchen god, or something.”


“dude, i don’t know. just do it.
if this year ends up being crappy, i don’t wanna be like,
‘damnit. it’s because i forgot to leave the backdoor open.'”

“heh. you said leave the backdoor open.”


“i always get lucky when i leave the backdoor open.”


happy new years.


last week [in pictures]

knob tweekin’ at the evil breaks beach party.


“the psytrance room smells like hippies.”


evil furballs on their spaceship plot to take over the earth.


li’s camera phone has a flash. dur. i did not know this.


roof dwellers at the haight street fair.


used bin at amoeba records


at the clothes swap,
we played a mean game of poker.


got really irie and watched vi and donna’s cable access tv show.
it was hella funny.


tag. you’re it.


hazy rocks.


apa’s favorite koi fish jumped out of the pond and committed suicide.
he’s been terribly depressed about it.
brandon suggested that we get him a new one for father’s day.


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i like hazy because they sing ridiculously silly songs about ridiculously silly things.

no more red meat

useless for the next six hours.

vi made some bomb ass fried rice.
i ate three bowls.

and then she told me the cilantro wasn’t cilantro.

shotgun bang, what's up with that thang

it seems like in the past few months,
vi and i have been really porkin’ out.

so we came up with this bet:
person who loses the most weight in a month
(no throwing up, no diet tea that makes you poop, NO CHEATING)
gets to pick out an outfit for the loser
and they have to wear it out to a big club night – for maximum exposure. =]

if i won, i’d make vi sport this to the club:


[from the infamous gem sweater site]

but you know,
that bitch looks good in anything so i don’t know..
i might have to find something more embarrassing..
like a matching gold fanny pack or something.

» »»

all of my class notes from the past six months, stapled and sorted for finals,
are now useless.


and throwing them away
is the saddest part about the end of the semester.

i haven't laughed this hard

and this much in a long time.

my birthday weekend:
snowboarding on two hours of sleep,
cafe sua da, a few ginseng pills, a flask full of rum..

alcohol + table top jumps = it sounded good at the time

“never have i ever made out with a dude who took off his wooden leg.”
yeah, drink up biotch.

the lushes:


[vincent, vi, some fool, jeana and sean behind the goggles]

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sublime makes you board faster faster faster!


friday evening

in my parents living room with karla, tina, fang and the birthday girl
screaming like a bunch of sissies to ju on.

hiding behind the blanket.


thursday night

jeana, vi and i went to the drive-ins to see “harold and kumar” in our pajamas.

it was fun.


karla's bachelorette party

we skipped out on the customary stripper.
instead, we hauled 18 girls into a party bus.

the never have i ever drinking game has each person announce truths like,
“never have i ever taken it up the butt” or “never have i ever owned a babyphat tee shirt.”
if the statement does not apply to you, you’re then required to take a vodka shot.

because of the never have i ever game, i took about 10 shots during the bus ride
and was moronic drunk by the time we arrived at the first club.
i got those bitches back though..
when i yelled, “never have i ever swallowed!”

the bachelorette.


destination #1: studio 181. an abundance of well dressed sugar daddies and fake boobies.


destination #2: glaskat. a hip hop club would not be a proper hip hop club without a fight breaking out. so ghetto.


destination #3: harry denton’s rouge. by this time, life was fuzzy.


jules, our man of the night.


by 2:00am, everyone had passed out on the bus.
there were four soldiers left
so we blasted the radio for some quality karaoke time

and ate an assortment of potato chips.


vi sings the temptations “my girl” while i danced along.


when i get married,
i want chris pontius as jackass’ partyboy to be the stripper at my bachelorette party.
how rad would that be!

currently listening to:
we also sang along to

on the bus too.

waking up at 4pm rocks. :)

i used to be a little snothead when it came to which parties i’d go to
but i noticed now,
i’ll dance to anything with anyone.

friday night: we be clubbin’

rolando, vi, me, nathan, jeana (afterwards at sparky’s)


breakdancer under flickering lights.
if you look closely at the right image,
there’s another face next to the multiple eyeball guy. freaky isht.


jeana, per jeremy’s request.


currently listening to:

. i love the beats. though that first rapper screaming.. his voice bugs me.

"you only won

because the pool table is crooked and you’re cock-eyed”

it is normal to cry and sing along to tina turner when you get your heart broken.
it is not normal, however, to consume three pounds of mini corn dogs within a period of one week.

vi was concerned about my mental health so
she kidnapped me for a weekend of adventures in bad karaoke,
british cover bands and booty shakin’ old school hiphop
to remind me

1. music was my first love
2. “who gives a crap about how talented you are when your personality sucks ass.”

thanks babe. i really needed that. here, i made you art.


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*shakes teh booty*

push it


there’s a little town in the south of france called carcassonne
where they take afternoon naps before dinner.
i would like to live there.


[vi & venus, before dna lounge]

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itunes says i’ve played

45 times.


so this one time, i was on the ricki lake show.






click here for the complete story.

too much crap to deal with

and no time to write
so here are some photos from the other night at club clandestine.





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snagged from alex’s filthy needle breaks.
love it.

happy berfday to me. i smell like peepee.

this morning started off with an 8am phone call from jeremy
to remind me that i’m a year closer to menopause.

then i got teased by my coworkers for the flowers delivered to my desk with the note:
“happy birthday veanne, the best girl in the world. unf! love, your secret admirers.”
i’d say fess up now, but i think i know who the culprits are *ah hem*
(i really miss you guys, btw)

i’ve been pretty overwhelmed with work/school
and i have a deadline for various things tomorrow;
was going to reschedule dinner at miyaki’s with vi for another night,
but she called to tell me she was already on her way.

i thought it was just going to be the two of us….

but guess friggin’ what!
sixteen friends were sitting at a table, waiting for us.

i was befuddled for a good three seconds before it hit me.
i was really, really surprised.
tina and vi, i love you guys.. sneaky little bitches.

he had me stand on a chair while everyone cheered me on.
“drink it. it’s just water.”
am i gullible or what?

“when i say sake, you say bomb! sake -” “bomb!” “sake -” “bomb!”


a big *huG* and thanks to everyone who made my birthday such an awesome one.

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here’s one for the old school ravers