james de la vega

reclaims public space with spray cans and chalk.
once ran for senate with the slogan “free teeth for the toothless.”
a little awkward, a little arrogant
and i think i might have offended him.

“some define you as a painter, a muralist, a graffiti artist -”
“- i’m not a graffiti artist.”
“the cops think you are.”
“the cops don’t define me.”
“my point being, you’re labeled these things, but how do you define yourself?
what do you do and why do you do it?”

quite frankly,
i admire him.
he does everything i was taught to do.


and i was finally able to crack a smile from him by the end of the shoot.


oh if only i had seen this before the interview.


you can check out his art here.

it's tricky is the title, here we go..

i feel very small here.


i found this while packing.


i was a funny looking kid,
but apa looks like such a badass with that video camera in one hand, ciggie in the other.

always tagging along,
being surrounded by audio/video gear growing up,
i should’ve guessed i would’ve ended up just like him (in all my sweaty glory).

one of the perks of this job:
i got to meet dmc of run mthrfckn’ dmc!!!

an eight-second clip of his performance i shot today.