waiting for gus(dot)

status update on this year’s new years resolutions:

  • leave the five boroughs at least once a month – so far so good
  • take mom to costa rica – i think she wants to do italy or japan instead
  • make three short films – one down, two to go
  • learn how to play the ukulele – it’s… going okay :)

wednesday night’s awesomely bad sing-a-long to the most ridiculous song ever written.

boston, ma

realized i hadn’t seen linh or kalli for over a year.
told kalli i missed them and she said, “come visit this weekend!!”
“you mean tomorrow??”

kalli the killer shark.

friday night, we stayed up late in the evening being girls.
mixed drinks and gossiping about everything from old lovers
to the awesomeness of always infinity pads (never going back to tampons!).

i met jp, kalli’s curious, mischievous little nephew,
who grabbed my hand and took me into the living room
to show me this antique 2-d picture viewer.



i love his laugh, his curly, swirly hair.


kalli married into a beautiful, warm family who embraced me immediately upon my arrival.
their colonial home is 99 years old, brimming with original details,
lighting fixtures and tapestries.

this is mama and papa burns’ wedding portrait from, i think, the 50’s.


saturday night,
we stopped by church to catch rex’s (kalli’s friend who recently moved to new york) band.
here i am being smothered by everyone.

also ran into this old friend who i haven’t seen for over three years.


such a short, but delightful visit. i miss them already. :(

didi et fifi sont bffs.

never been a huge fan of final cut pro’s color correction tools.

while grilling leftover steak and ribs from saturday’s bbq,
spencer, sara’s friend (and a professional editor/filmmaker),
gave me an overview tutorial of apple’s color software.


thanks for playing

it was a not so happy week
so i had my itunes on very happy shuffle mode.
“never fully dressed” came on,
got inspired and decided to counter the malaise
by making a little video with everyone i ran into.

smile for me?

he makes me happy

a quick, little trip on the staten island ferry, there and back,
just because i’ve never been on it.

from adam’s flip mino.
we didn’t shoot much footage though. :

home at the parents

i wager you’re just as dorky as me (if not more)
when you’re working on the computer.

and yes, that is the white man’s overbite.

labor day weekend cabin trip

with seven friends, four shibas
and my little happy dude.


the cabin we got this time wasn’t as sexy as last time’s, but it had charm.


cheese + pineapple + jalapeno + BEEF = :D


the creek nearby.


as dorky as this picture is, it brings me much joy.


substituting missing pieces.


playing around with shutter speed.


adam‘s got a knack for figuring out songs when he hears them,
but he says, “it’s just chords.”

at one point during the trip,
we were alone on the front porch fooling around, playing random songs
and he improvised “tous les garçons et les filles” for me to sing along to.

[adam doesn’t speak french, he just likes to pretend like he does.]

hall & oates, coney island

so many great classics.
all the geriatrics kept the vibe chill
while we kept jumping up and down screaming.





by the taco stand in the alley way.


it’s pretty pathetic how poor i am right now,
but surprisingly, this is the happiest i’ve been in a long time.


[on the way back, by phan]

currently listening to:
“adam adam adam! guess what!”
“it’s mah sooooooong.”

she’s a rich girl

weekend at the cabin

i didn’t feel like taking pictures, so you guys get a video instead.

edited by the dynamic duo [phan & veanne].
track by adam, who i’ve got nothin’ but mad love for cause he taught me how to play the hey riff on guitar.

my first roll of 16mm film

the light meter that came with the bolex was broken
so i had to guess the correct f-stops.
i think i did okay for the most part
except for that one shot of the shoes that came out a little too dark.

shawn’s sunday morning afternoon. all in-camera edits:

yeah, yeah i know.
but in my world,
dirty ravers and hippies rock out to rodgers and hammerstein musicals.

living out of a suitcase for almost a month

patrick refers to us as the wonder twins
because we can both shoot, edit and run for twelve hours straight
for a week straight.

but i think brooks is more hardcore than me
because he parties at krave until 5am and still kicks ass the next day.
me, i need at least seven hours of sleep.

brooks, in my hotel room. last morning in vegas.


we were sent off to the avn convention to get some coverage for the show
and i got to meet my hero.
(yeah, i cropped myself out of the pic because i look like a short, fat troll
standing next to someone who just exudes sexuality and femininity.)

yesterday afternoon, i made a silly short video of my little trip to the east coast.

(video footage from a dinky canon powershot)

my summer job @ziff davis

geeking out on the computer, behind the camera,
having annaliza, the most awesome boss in the world, let me try, fail, succeed, learn, grow..
just having a great time.

mr. dvorak. head crank.


candid shot of robert and patrick. they’re so funny and sweet.


i was helping annaliza find footage for a quick cranky geeks promo video.
ended up capturing and editing the footage to help her save time.
after she saw what i had in final cut,
she said, “throw in some text and polka and you’re done.”

i got all giddy when the promo first aired. :)

i’m a little sad to go.. well not really go.
i just won’t be there full time anymore when school starts.

final project for intro to video

my professor said it lacked substance,
but that didn’t really bother me because
i have consistently proven to her all semester
that i was capable of producing solid academic work.
and because sometimes it’s nice to make things purely for entertainment purposes.

i had mad fun shooting and editing the footage.

1. i’m unfamiliar with wushu forms and those athletes move so friggin’ fast
so my arms were sore by the end of the night from constantly moving the camera around,
trying to keep them in the frame.

2. sorting through two hours of footage to find movements that matched the song was quite time consuming.

» »»

tonight, i went to the first vagina monologues meeting to decide whether or not i wanted to be a part of it
and i had a change of heart.

the enthusiasm among all the women, the camaraderie..
makes me believe that whether or not you’ll like the play,
it will be a great production.

two mini projects tonight

project #1
dad has a movie function with sound on his digital camera.
i tested it out.

[right click on image to download 644kb quicktime]


project #2
oh well hello there bailey.