drawbridge, ca

photo expedition with vincent,
who showed up with this ridiculous mustache.


we trespassed


two hours
through salt pans, wildlife refuge, train tracks, shrubs and icky bugs
to find this gem of a ghost town,
slowly sinking into the marshlands.


i’d like to think maybe this was, once upon a time, a brothel,
bustlin’ with drunken miners and scantily, colorfully dressed hookers.


and maybe this was the residence of shotgun nellie.


took a bunch more pics,
but i’m gonna spend the rest of the day with mommy and apa
before i have to fly back to new york tomorrow.

lake tahoe, ca

stole peanuthead from his girlfriend yesterday to watch the leaves change color,


but we ended up at the lake with two bottles of wine, bread, cheese,
making stupid faces all afternoon,
reflecting on lousy career choices, mediocrity and glorious flatulence.

i may be ugly,


but you’re ugly as shit.


straight chuggin’ from wine bottles. some things never change.


homies 4 life.

me and this bottle

myspace tells me justin is married.
justin was my first boyfriend, high school sweetheart,
first love, first heartbreak.

it’s not that i should care,
but it’s weird to know that someone i used to think i was going to marry
has married someone else.
know what i mean?

and also, i’ve been drinking and it’s 3am so i’m all mooshy and shit.
and i’ve been thinking about how relationships weren’t always bad,
that maybe i should stop harboring all the bad memories and think about the good stuff.
at least that’s what this bottle of pisco is telling me.

so yeah, some of the good times:

• whenever i was mad at j., he’d do the craziest, retarded telly (from larry clark’s kids) impression.
and i’d laugh and not be mad anymore.

• on our first date, t. and i sat parked in my little miata until 4am, talking about music.

• c. was like, “i’m not gay, but if i could fuck a voice, it’d be bradley nowell’s.”
and i was like, “whoah. me too.”

• n. and i were drunk in the taxi coming back from charlie’s this one time
and he tells me he wants to marry me and i’m like, “for real?” and he goes, “yeah”
and then he ties a tiny piece of string to my finger.

• s. made my world spin whenever he kissed me.

• a. sadly, i cannot remember much about him except that this one time,
he hacked my calculator so i could ace my stats exam.

• v. surprised me by driving over late one evening and gave me the longest hug goodnight
because i had texted him, “i really miss you.”

• the first time he came to visit, b. brought cookies for my dad and lychees for my mom.
the cookies were soft because my dad has sensitive teeth. and my mom loves lychees.

• • • • •

sometimes, i unintentionally make things that reveal how i feel at that moment.
and i guess this is what loneliness looks like.


currently listening to:
monte reminded me of how wonderful this girl is.
as cheeky as she gets sometimes, the lyrics in this one track kill me.

littlest things

winter break over.

i haven’t seen vincent since we broke up almost two years ago.
it’s nice that even after everything, the friendship is still there.


so i was telling joey,
“so vincent comes into the living room and my mom is carrying my little baby cousin
and he goes, ‘whose baby?’ and i go, ‘mine.’
dude! you should have seen the reaction on his face.”

and joey goes,
“dude, you should have said,
‘uhh.. it’s yours. that’s why i asked you to come here.'”


sacramento. inverted.


last friday was my last day at ziff davis media.
20 units to graduate in may and there was no way i could fit work into my schedule.
i was really sad to go.

annaliza gave me the coolest friggin’ gift.

the way into some girls hearts is through flowers and expensive jewelry.
the way into my heart is through books and limited pressed vinyl.

this sucks.

vincent and i have been pretty much inseparable for the past three months.
then his ex-girlfriend decided she wanted to be back in his life.

he ultimately chose her.

rather than fighting it
(i can’t compete with a girl who has had his heart for five years),
i’ve admitted defeat and bowed out gracefully.

still, it kinda hurts.


our last collaboration: a day trip through middle california
some photographs off my slr.

ugh, nevermind. i don’t feel like posting pictures right now.

trip to socal for my b-day


vincent treats me really well
and makes me laugh
and smells really good
and looks awesomely cute in hoodies.
he’s like, perfect. for now.
i leave in june anyway.

me, slurping caprisuns right before the hailstorm.


more pics here, though they’re mostly of us being dorks.

i haven't laughed this hard

and this much in a long time.

my birthday weekend:
snowboarding on two hours of sleep,
cafe sua da, a few ginseng pills, a flask full of rum..

alcohol + table top jumps = it sounded good at the time

“never have i ever made out with a dude who took off his wooden leg.”
yeah, drink up biotch.

the lushes:


[vincent, vi, some fool, jeana and sean behind the goggles]

currently listening to:
sublime makes you board faster faster faster!


sprung, hooked.

vincent took me to fox and goose to see his friend’s band tonight.


sound checking.


playing around with long shutter speeds on sactown boys.


[nate, vincent, mike]

currently listening to:

perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

sweet friggin' v-day. :)

vincent, aka stats boy, seems to have won my affections.


i told him yes
because this one time i was hella hungry
and i had forgotten my wallet at home.
he showed up after class with a sandwich and soda and said,
“i hope you like ham and turkey; i wasn’t sure what you wanted.”


li sasaki is my hero.

last night at the [re]collect art/music exhibit:
“can you play something slower? like hiphop?”
“you know, you’re clearing the dancefloor. maybe you should play some hiphop.”
“hey! can you play some hiphop?”

apparently breakbeat is not loved by all
and apparently people think i’m a jukebox and not a dj.

i was very discouraged,
but i’m glad my friends were there to give mad support and mad hugs.
you guys are the best.

the other performers and artists were impressive though.
one of my favorite pieces, by kevin nguyen


but osby and i couldn’t figure this one out.


we headed to an underground afterwards.


shaking my no-ass to ghetto tech with the greatest friends until 4am.
what a great friggin’ night.

i really like this picture that vincent took.


the rest of the pictures.

» »»

oh, and graveley came along and was recognized as “the christmas tree guy
and vincent as, “oh dude, didn’t you and veanne go on some photo adventure?”

it must be sort of strange huh, to read about someone, see their pictures..
and then to finally meet them in real life?

"stats boy"

i found a new partner in crime to go on photo adventures with me.


using knee as tripod.


vincent in a balancing act.


we spent all day yesterday trespassing, hopping fences..



currently listening to:

oh mickey what a pity you don’t understand

why i’m smiling:

the cute boy from my stats class passed me this note today:
You and I exchanged only a few words all semester,
even though you sat right next to me.
I think we both exchanged more smiles than words…
sometimes that is better.
Because of it, I looked forward to going to class.