christmas day with their presents

there are only two people in the world with whom i trust my heart.

my big brother.
with his remote control flying shark, a gift from cousin calvin.


you cannot find a better man.

. . . . . .

mom. she’s being silly in this picture.
i got her the hooded coat for christmas.

her heartbreak hurts me more than any man i’ve ever loved.
i daydream about taking her to an island far away,
where we waddle our feet in the ocean
(since neither of us know how to swim),
climb trees and be insouciant, young girls again.

and also have internet so she can watch her korean dramas before going to bed.

christmas in a little town called elk grove.

making ornaments with old family photos.




mom brought home live lobsters. my best friend is fearless.


my dinner plate.


waiting for midnight to open presents.
getting lots of slobbering kisses from henri while joey takes a nap.


daddy handing out presents.


vinh loves me.


i got him finger toe socks.


how cute is momma with her new bathrobe? =)


aimee got vinh a rape whistle
(because you know, boys his size need some sort of protection against creepy dudes).
curious henri popped his head right up.


a few dozen more pictures, but i’m sleepy.
happy holidays everyone! <3

fall out easy.

my cousins from socal came to visit
and i finally got to meet my little niece isabella.

omg i just want to bite her cheeks.



alec, izzy’s brother, underneath the kitchen table.


i totally fell in love with izzy so i told richard (her dad) that i wanted to keep her.
he joked around with alec and said, “alec, we’re going to leave izzy here okay?”
alec adamantly replied, “no” and then started to cry.
it was so sweet.

mcduh: I wish you had come to the Phuturo RIP party on Tuesday!

i really wanted to have one last night of old school drum&bass
before leaving san francisco for good
and i missed my chance. :(

i guess richie hawtin will have to do..
says the girl who made this (for chris jackson).

currently listening to:
bass drops at 00:58. i must have this record.

dj rap’s intelligent woman

thanks max for the track id.

mỹ đen

i shot my first short film two weekends ago.
what an exhilarating experience.

i’ve spent the past month juggling school, side projects and preproduction for this film
to make sure the shooting would run smoothly,
which it did for the most part due to an incredible cast and crew.

but i tried to triple up as cinematographer, camera operator and director.
jumping back and forth checking the composition and lighting, scrutinizing the performances
and being a leader in this fiasco
drained me.

i made a few mistakes along the way


which is fine; i’m still learning. (gaffer tape in the top left corner)

now i’m at the editing stage
and i want to produce something good not because i’m expecting to submit it into a bunch of festivals,
but because a lot of people worked really hard on this film
because they believed in me and the project
and i don’t want to disappoint them.

here’s a quick, silly video of my brother, “the board clicker.” :)

i’d post more pics, but i’m still trying to get over this damn cold.

love my brother

i took vinh to his first warehouse party on saturday.
he was a little overwhelmed because i had introduced him to so many people.
when we left, i asked him, “well do you remember anyone’s names?”
he said, “osby.”

outside the evilbreaks party.


currently listening to:
normally i’d tease vinh for his crappy taste in music,
but i thought

this track
was pretty dope when he blasted it in the suv.

goofiness runs in the family

big head and i printed out this photo.


and framed it for the old man.

» »»

memorial day weekend 2001,
danny and i made beats on his laptop
during a twelve hour drive to oregon.
today, i found the reason file for the first song i ever made on a back-up cd.

the track names made me smile. so unprofessional. :)


currently listening to:

dad used to sing santana a lot when i was younger

happy birthday fathead!



i’d like to make a public apology.

vinh, i’m sorry for being so mean to you when we were really little.
i’m sorry for telling you that mom and dad didn’t want you.
i’m sorry for dropping you into the deep end of the pool
and laughing when you started drowning.
i’m sorry for putting that bucket of water over the door
and laughing when it hit you on the head.
i’m sorry for writing “WIDE LOAD” on your back when you were sleeping.

um yeah, you know i love you! :)

from vinh

my mom forwarded me this email from my brother, who’s in vietnam right now.
i thought it was neat.. how he wrote to her half in vietnamese, half in english.

apa co teach con how to ride a motorcycle. apa mean. remind con how apa teach con drive car.
but con drive duoc. right i just drove myself around and found an internet place for 100 dollar a minute.
cheap. driving is fun. i got lost but found my way back. i drop daddy off so he can drink coffee.
con se pick apa up real soon. O nha trang khong nong lam bang saigon. its cool here.
right by the beach. how are you feeling mommy??? co uong medicine khong?
if mommy see veanne, tell veanne con say hi.
ok bye mommy. right now 2:30pm and con go pick daddy up now.


totally american born.