this is how we chill from 93 til ∞

lora and i went to scandinavia to chase aurora borealis,
but our attempts were thwarted by snow.
disappointed, but we made the most of our trip.

9AM. good morning oslo, i’ve written you a haiku.
“winter in norway”
daylight is fleeting
your men are just, beautiful
i can’t feel my toes.

oslo sunrise

the norsk folkemuseum.
we were transported back to various eras in time, all within one little town.

norsk folkemuseum
norsk folkemuseum
norsk folkemuseum
norsk folkemuseum
norsk folkemuseum
norsk folkemuseum

4pm. and just like that, there goes our five hours of daylight.

norsk folkemuseum

scandinavian winters aren’t so bad when the hotel bristol has the best hot chocolate
and you’re in good company. eystein, my favourite viking.


we went to the munch museum to see the scream,
but it was this piece (visjon) that resonated with me most.

munch visjon

göteborg, sweden.

göteborg, sweden

göteborg, sweden
göteborg, sweden
this last one reminds me of “let the right one in.”

eystein and i kickstarted 2015 with a snow walk in frognerparken.
“a great little adventure” he says, but i was left with a dear little memory.


although this is our first trip together, lora has proven to be an awesome travel mate.
considerate, chill and hilariously fun, funny.
NYE at the stratos.


walking down random alleyways in other countries, part 7.
except that we couldn’t find an alleyway and running in snow makes me happy.

veanne cao

this year i resolve to… be kind, work hard, create.
and perhaps my life will fall into place as it should.

currently listening to:
when the dj dropped this club rmx of california dreaming at the NYE party,
lora reminded me that no matter where i am, where i go,
i will always be a california girl.


short holiday

prague, land of fairy tale castles (and ornery geriatrics).


elaine, auntie and i have similar travel habits.
we wander, we eat, eating our way through the city.

the best trdelník is at this little side shop called “old traditional goodes” on a little road called karvola.

(that’s elaine, not me.)


we took a train to the sedlec ossuary (the bone church), but it felt macabre posting pictures from there.
ethan is going to be such a heartbreaker when he grows up.


walking down random alleyways in other countries, part 6.

venice, italy

each birthday gets quieter and quieter.
and daydreams of conquering the world have been replaced by daydreams of finding a place to retire.

walking down random alleyways in other countries, part 5.


trying to cross everything off my bucket list this year.
in case i die next year, then i’m good to go.

problem though,
one of the things on the list is, for the most part, out of my control.
i can only hope fate is good to me.

anyway, robin, josh, kc and i rented a car and did a road trip throughout morocco:
casablanca -> marrakech -> merzouga -> sahara desert -> fez -> tangier -> casablanca.

i told robin i honestly didn’t care where we went or what we did as long as we made it to the sahara
so i can cross “ride a camel” off my bucket list.


camel shadows sahara desert

but that really wasn’t the most memorable moment for me.

it was the night before when we all hiked up to the highest sand dune.
we lay on our backs and gazed at a billion bright stars with a 360 panoramic view of the sky.
hassan and i stayed up on the dune until late in the evening
(this was during ramadan so many slept during the day)
talking, mostly me asking a barrel of questions in broken french about his life growing up in a nomadic family.

as corny as it sounds, we’re the same age, but he still has this sort of innocence to him that i adore.
the guys i meet in the states, they’re too clever, jaded, manipulative.
i told him, il a ecrit que le petit prince sera avec sa rose encore.
mais j’espère que le serpent boa ne te morde pour que je puisse te voir encore.

after what seemed like a fruitless hour nap back at camp,
i climbed back up to the dune by myself and watched the sunrise.

sunrise sahara desert

i’m really bad about taking pictures while traveling so um.. here are two more.

marketplace in marrakech.

marrakech market

and continuing the picture tradition of me walking down random alleyways in other countries…

veanne cao marrekech alleyway

(robin took this one.)

currently listening to:
brandon was right. thinking back, every moment we’ve had was pretty romantic.
so it was sad that i had to end it in july; he’s too clever for me.

he did a cover of this for me the last time we were together in la.

white denim / street joy




saint george.


fancily slapped together, overpriced, mediocre tasting food.


southampton beach.


happy birthday to me. another year closer to death.


called momma tonight. we joke around about death like it’s not taboo or tactless.
she said that when she dies,
she wants to be cremated and then have her ashes spread across somewhere pretty,
but not in the mountains because she’s afraid of heights
and not on the beach because she can’t swim.

i told her vi also wants to be cremated.
except vi said, “and then i want you all to put me in a pipe and smoke me.”

currently listening to:
the xx is top on my itunes right now. such a beautiful album.


planes, trains and automobiles (and ferries)

edinburgh castle.

edinburgh castle

robertons close. me, by dave.

robertsons close, edinburgh

old town.
i get chills thinking about the deteriorating underground city beneath these streets.

old town edinburgh

en route to glasgow.

train scotland

famous music venue in glasgow.

barrowland, glasgow

haggis. not bad at all. minus the tidbit aftertaste of earwax.


okay, i’m stupid. i know. but i was really excited to see the red telephone booths
so i made dave stand in front of them and took a picture.


on the ferry back to dunoon.
why does the third black body in the middle not have a head like the first two?

dunoon ferry

currently listening to:
frank stanley’s 1910 recording of “auld lang syne” makes me all teary.

auld lang syne