one of four jobs.

i’m up to fourteen weddings,
six or so of which i was the main shooter.
this was the first wedding where they weren’t thrilled with the photos.
which is disheartening,
because the care that goes into editing each picture..

new york wedding photographer

new york wedding photographer

new york wedding photographer

new york wedding photographer

new york wedding photographer

new york wedding photographer

also, it makes me doubt my abilities to be a working photographer.

julian says i need to step up my game if i’m going to be first shooter, which i totally get.
i’m used to producing 200-300 on my own,
but ever since i started working for the studio, expectations are much higher.
shoot more, shoot often, and bang out 800-1000 pictures,
all of which have to be print worthy.

last wedding of the season with mackler

it’s -that- smile.


and the bride and groom. i like how she smiles when he kisses her.

the entire gallery shot by julian, ben, madison and me is here.

all these weddings have turned me into a big, fat sack of sappy.

neither kim nor i have found “the one” (i hate how corny that sounds),
but i admitted to her that i had already started my reception music playlist.
she said, “oh, that’s nothing. i’ve already written my vows.”

shifting gears in december; flying out to los angeles to shoot movie stills.

this time, i play wedding photographer

5:45am penn station to catch train to jersey.
“meet me in front of my verizon ad.”
“wait, what?”

my 2nd shooter is like, famous.


my favorite shot from the day was actually taken by u-shin. so much joy.


currently listening to:
phan and i were being wistful tonight, listening to old school jamz
because we’re homesick for last decade, southside san jose.

this got me all choked up inside.

very special

dunoon, scotland

justin and rachel got married last friday in a castle.


more pictures to come. i’m jetlagged.

alex + marsha

second wedding this month.


third will be in scotland.
all these weddings make me antsy,
but i’m probably the least likely person to ever get married.

if i ever do though,
i’ve decided the wedding banquet will feel like you’re stepping into
an elaborate sound stage for a mobster film, set in 1930’s shanghai.
and there will be no need for flash photography,
as the film set will be perfectly lit from all four corners.

currently listening to:
and right when you walk in,
bright moon will be playing.

bright moon

nancy + rudd

impromptu wedding in sutro heights park, san francisco. :)


they’re so incredibly sweet to each other.


rudd’s parents.


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and the boom box blasted radiohead as nancy walked down the “aisle.” :)

no surprises


“we could either pay someone $5000 to shoot our wedding portraits,
or we could get veanne to do them for free.”

i once said i would NEVER shoot wedding portraits
because i hate that style of photography;
i think they’re super cheesy and contrived.

but vi’s like, my best friend
and she helped me steal a box of tampons when we were really little
because i was too embarrassed to tell anyone i had gotten my period.
so i couldn’t say no.






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i’m also putting together the slide show for their wedding
and i was like, “ooh! ooh! can we have

this song
in the slide show?!”
and she was like, “you are such a fob.”

our love is here to stay..

shot hikaru’s dad’s wedding last weekend.

the bride has the most amazing smile.



hikaru and i have decided that when we get married,
all the guests will be obligated to take a tequila shot before entering the reception hall.
it’ll make for more incriminating fun photos. :o)

kermit and gina's wedding


everything from the rustic church (photo by kent matsuoka),
to the ocean view at the reception hall
to the hand-written calligraphic invitations..
made the weekend in carmel oh so romantic.

kermit started crying when he saw gina walk down the aisle.
then when everyone saw him cry, they started to cry too.
so during procession,
you could hear *sniffle*sniffle*sniffle* throughout the whole church.

that had to be the sweetest thing ever.

i didn’t take many pictures that weekend,
but here’s one of the bride and bridesmaids.


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weekends like these make me push cynicism aside
and for a moment believe that someday it’ll be friday.

friday i’m in love

suzanne and neil

a simple, classy wedding


that reflected a simple, classy couple.


benjamin takes a nap after the tea ceremony.