ce-cil-ia, how i can’t wait to fu-feel ya

lux bought out lighting magazine and revamped it into this slick…
it looks and feels almost like a coffee table art book.

lighting magazine

i think it happened one afternoon during production of the first [re]issue
when ray asked me to hand-sketch some installation diagrams for him.
and now once a month,
i get to escape my computer screen for a few hours,
blast born ruffians in my headphones and zone out.

i’ll never not get excited seeing work in print, even if it’s just a bunch of doodles. :)

lighting magazine
lighting magazine

also, from this photograph,
i discovered the most amazing, abandoned asylum just an hour south in surrey

lighting magazine

and decided i would trick mark into taking me there this bank holiday weekend
for what could possibly be the most awesome picture taking adventure,
only to be heartbroken when i discovered the building was demolished last year. :(

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been singing the same song for months.


my cave

if i’m not in the labs shooting,
i’m here, editing.


[bottom right is the massive beanbag i inherited from gussman when he left.
good for afternoon naps.]

it's that damn monkey again.

sometimes i hate my job
(when i’m up at 4am, editing in my pjs or on my way to work, editing on the subway),

and other times i think it’s pretty fun,
esp. when they let me make stuff like this:


click to view.

anyway, if you’ve got a few thousand dollars lying around
and are feeling philanthropic and sally struthersish,
bid on a laptop and help the children:


megapixels, optical vs. digital zoom…

every other week or so,
i’ll get an email from someone asking for recommendations.

so i decided to produce a digital cameras buying guide segment for dl.tv:


i had brooks edit the segment because i couldn’t stand looking at myself.
being on the other side of the camera as me for the first time was nerve-wracking,
so don’t say i never did nothing for you. <3
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i had forgotten how much i love alex reece.

feel the sunshine

my summer job @ziff davis

geeking out on the computer, behind the camera,
having annaliza, the most awesome boss in the world, let me try, fail, succeed, learn, grow..
just having a great time.

mr. dvorak. head crank.


candid shot of robert and patrick. they’re so funny and sweet.


i was helping annaliza find footage for a quick cranky geeks promo video.
ended up capturing and editing the footage to help her save time.
after she saw what i had in final cut,
she said, “throw in some text and polka and you’re done.”

i got all giddy when the promo first aired. :)

i’m a little sad to go.. well not really go.
i just won’t be there full time anymore when school starts.


another typical day at work (stuffd animal porn, arranged by dan).


during our afternoon smoke break, melissa and i,
equipped with vi’s canon elph,
took snapshots of all the hopeful, persevering jobseekers standing in line for the eBay job fair.

according to the local news,
over two thousand people showed up.
yeah, the job market in silicon valley is atrocious.

check it out.