tell me what you know about dreams, dreams.

if brandon and i ever had a kid, he would totally look like keanu reeves.

i hate that he lives in los angeles.

currently listening to:
we met through julian last summer when i was looking for a guitar instructor.
traded him a variety of ipas for lessons.

during our last lesson, i introduced him to the pixies’ “hey”
and he taught me how to play the riff.
that was when i realized i had a huge crush on him.
(though he admitted to me he wanted to kiss me the first time we met.)
but i had a boyfriend at the time and he was moving to los angeles the following week
so i remembered thinking, “well this kinda sucks” when we said goodbye.
it wasn’t until jamaica that things fell into place.

anyway, this past weekend he blasted “hey” in his bedroom,
spun me around and said,
“you know the song they always play at weddings for the first dance? this is ours.”

hey, been trying to meet you

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