theft, extortion, invasion of privacy.

when i was in california last november and december,
i subleased my room to a french exchange student.
long story short, he trashed my room and made life unbearable for my roommates.
after he left, he stole a bunch of my audio/video equipment,
including two external hard drives,
both of which contained over ten years of my archived photography, films and documentaries.
basically my life.

and now he’s extorting me for a ludicrous sum of money for the return of the hard drives.
the police here weren’t able to do anything because he’s now back in paris, where he lives.
after exhausting all my resources, i hired a lawyer in paris to deal with the situation.
he’s filed a criminal complaint with the french district attorney
and now i wait.

i don’t know what will happen, if i will ever see my hard drives returned,
or if i will end up grieving the loss of my life’s work.

i’m telling you guys this as a warning.
regardless of how legit someone acts or looks, even if they’re friends with your friends,
always remove important items from your room,
always get a deposit and write up a contract before they move in.

this was stupid on my part for being so trusting, and now i’m dealing with the consequences.

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