venice beach

edward and i do the same thing, except he does it on a greater scale,
a much, much greater scale.

still, it’s nice to know that someone understands me.
like when i admitted to him how during one shoot,
the cast and crew were working their asses off for me
and i had to play it off like i knew what i was doing;
i couldn’t let them down..
even though the whole time i was shitting my pants,
thinking to myself, “wtf am i doing?”

he said, “it’s like being the belligerent, drunken captain of the ship.
you’re standing at the bow, waving your sword in the air,
leading everyone on deck through a fierce storm.
you might not know where you’re going,
but theyre all counting on you to lead them home.”

we played catch-up over cuban lunch this afternoon.
both exhausted, but both still smiling.

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