weekend in the catkills

an every few months or so escape from the city noise.

gina and jenni.


i’ve decided, for halloween, imma dye henri orange; barkley from sesame street.


it was so dark at night that being outside surrounded by fireflies
felt like being surrounded by stars.

(don’t worry, i set them free.)

<3 dave, who had no experience in the kitchen, but was down to de-head and gut a slimy catfish for me.

rain playing fetch with the dogs.


a few more pictures here.

currently listening to:
lots of billie holiday from my iphone speakers while lying on the dock of the pond.

no regrets

2 thoughts on “weekend in the catkills

  1. does one of your friends have an alaskan klee kai? the dog behind rain looks like one and my heart flutters every time i see one :)

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